King of Liars in Indiana

He was in Elkhart, Indiana! On May 10, 2018, the well-known King of Liars Donald J. Trump and his sycophant V.P Pence were in the city where my late husband and I had lived for more than thirty years. Made me sick to watch that con show. I knew decent Republicans in that city (and we even voted for an Indiana republican, Senator Richard Lugar), but it might be difficult to find such Republicans now—if they are supporting a POTUS who constantly lies. The documented number of his lies and misleading statements number in the thousands.

We moved to Elkhart, where Art, my late husband, had found employment with the city’s school system. That was not difficult in the 1950-1960 time period when teachers were in demand. We bought a comfortable house, raised our children, and lived a fairly peaceful life—except for politics. We knew that the city was ultra conservative as was most of Indiana. Nevertheless, we tried our best to effect change, working with Democrat groups, attending rallies, and city council meetings.

Although he was teaching every day, Art decided to campaign for a city council seat. Since the council met publicly in the evening, a council seat would not interfere with his teaching job. He created campaign signs, planted them in our front yard and other areas in the city. Well, guess what? Those signs were soon stolen or damaged with denigrating graffiti. After all it was an intense era of anti-gay activity and just having that surname was not acceptable.

I remember telephone calls when Art was at school. Typical caller saying “Are you Gay?” Yep, I responded. “That’s my name!” But this anti-gay stuff prompted me to include discussion of this bigotry in many of my books that include ways to protest LBGTQ discrimination and how to counteract it.

Oh, bottom line: Art lost his bid for council member. Not a problem. We just continued supporting Democrats.

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