About Art: A Photo Story

This photo story tells a little bit about Art Gay’s life before the complications from that horrible disease Alzheimer’s took his life in 2012.

61786473_b1b7aaa30a (2)
Center stage at his 80th birthday party in Chicago restaurant with family members and friends
Sierra Exif JPEG
Son Marty in background observing Dad’s birthday party in Chicago; he took a break later to go to a Cubs game! (the Gay guys are Cubs-addicted!)
Art & sisters at family gathering
Art and his two sisters, Maryanne and Shirley, enjoying themselves at a family gathering in Mishawaka, IN
Visiting sites in Chicago
At Millennium Park in Chicago enjoying the views of sculptures, art work, gardens and especially the BEAN
Art in his workroom
Art in the Florida room converted to his workroom where he spent many hours fixing stuff, reading, & just messin’ around
Art asleep in chair 001
Asleep in the recliner. He’s wearing a gift from Margaret and Doug–a shirt that says “Earth without Art is just “eh”


At memorial
Art was chosen for a vets Honor Flight to WWII Memorials. After landing, a bus carried vets to DC. There an Air Force guide met and stayed with Art for hours as he visited various venues
A & sailor
Standing with a sculpture of a sailor and his ever-ready duffel to swing over his shoulder, a life familiar to Art, a former Navy guy
Art & Doug
There’s that favorite cap again. No Cubs sweat shirt, though. Instead, his son Doug reminds us that the two of them are Cubs fans forever. So is eldest son Marty, far away in Washington state.
Cubs Sweat Shirt
See? It runs like a blood line in the family. That’s granddaughter Nissa Gay proudly showing off her grandfather’s (Gramps) Cubs sweatshirt

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