Hate. Merriam Webster says hate isintense hostility…and extreme dislike or disgust…loathing.” Hate appears on a continual basis in the USA, if words—spoken or written—and actions are any indication. It—hate or hatred—appears in government, in religious groups, among individuals of all ethnicities and races, on the internet, in newspapers and magazines, on the radio and TV, in schools, and most definitely from hate groups.

That does not mean that all Americans are hateful people. But the spread of hatred seems to be overwhelming our country. Look at the rise of hate groups, for example. The number of hate groups in 2017 had risen 20 percent since 2014, totaling 954 such groups, says the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). These hate groups are in all 50 states. As of last year, there were 121 neo-Nazi groups, 237 dangerous armed militia, 233 black nationalist hate groups who are “broadly anti-Semitic, anti-white and usually anti-LGBT,” according to the SPLC.

In 2017 my state, Florida, had at least eight anti-Muslim groups going by diverse names such as the Florida Family Association, Act For America, Cultures In Context Incorporated/Turning Point Project, Citizens for National Security, and others. My former home state, Indiana, has racist skinheads and neo-Nazi groups operating statewide, and at least one anti-LGBT group, The Campus Ministry USA (in Terre Haute), although there are probably more, given the homophobic beliefs and actions of Indiana’s former governor and current VP Pence who supports all of Trump’s administration hateful behavior.

Trump certainly has done his part to encourage white supremacy and anti-immigrant causes with his oft repeated Muslim ban, refusal to condemn neo-Nazi and KKK groups bent on injuring people attending peaceful rallies. He has refused to condemn Attorney General Sessions’s and the Department of Homeland Security’s cruel anti-immigrant practice at the U.S.-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas, where officials are taking very young children (some babies) from their asylum-seeking parents and placing the children in a holding center, a former Walmart. Are kids nothing but groceries, disposable objects now? Texas has other such centers as does California, and no one seems to know how many youngers have been separated from their parents.

All of this is tragic and makes me want to hate—hate the person who calls himself POTUS and his administration who follow him like a bunch of sheep. I wonder do they all hate little kids that much?




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