Turmoil and Trouble

The news about our country has been so incredibly upsetting that I struggle to find anything positive to write, except that most Americans are still free to express their opinions. And first I have to say I agree with Robert De Niro and his comment about Trump, the guy who loves dictators and is a wannabe.

The photos of smiling and handshaking Kim and Trump will no doubt be plastered on news shows and the internet for days and days. North Koreans appear to love the photos and their Supreme Leader Jong-Un Kim. Obviously, they have to love him or be killed like Kim’s half-brother and an uncle (murdered publicly with a machine gun) or be imprisoned for life. Kim’s brutal dictatorship is well known, and like many others I see nothing good about Donald J. Trump appearing with the North Korean leader. Trump can brag all he wants about signing an agreement to denuclearize the country. But I doubt it will happen as do many people worldwide.

We learned much more distressing news over the week: children brought to the U.S. with their parents seeking asylum from brutalities and killings in their home countries. And what do border officials do with the blessing of the U.S. Attorney General? Lock the children up in cages in Houston, Texas, and make plans to build tent cities to house them. Imagine living in a tent with temperatures in the high nineties. How do these American officials live with themselves? They are like Nazis.

sun over the cyclone fence
Children are snatched from their parents who are seeking asylum in Texas and are placed in cages as witnessed by an Oregon Senator.

More trump shenanigans with Ivanka and her husband Jared making tens of millions of $$ while serving as unpaid advisers for the federal government. Of course being in the U.S. administration had nothing to do with their windfall earnings! Ha. If you believe that I’ll find a place on the moon to sell and send you.

abundance bank banking banknotes
The Trumps are all about money–lots of it!

Trump’s constant attacks on the press (and childish nicknames for reporters) and leaders of our country’s allies make me nauseated. And I want to vomit when he praises dictators like Kim, Putin, and others. Every day it is frightening to learn that trumpsters continue to support a man who is taking us down the road to fascism—if it’s not already here.

Meanwhile, Special Counsel Mueller continues with his investigation, making indictments while Rudy Giuliani, a long-ago practicing lawyer, leads the charge defending Trump and objecting to Mueller’s request for an interview with Trump. If there is no interview, how will we know whether Trump intended to obstruct justice? Maybe, just maybe, the Liar-in-Chief could find a way to tell the truth!




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