A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words



A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I have heard or read that idiom numerous times but did not really believe it until this past couple of weeks. Stories in newspapers and magazines and reports online about families from Central America seeking asylum in the United States definitely had an emotional effect on me and millions of other Americans. I was disgusted, angry, and enraged learning how the zero-tolerance policy of Sessions and Trump tore families apart. No question that those entering the United States did so illegally, but they hoped to apply and receive asylum. International and U.S. laws recognize the right of asylum for people who are fleeing violence and risk death in their homelands.

All the statistics, tragic stories, reports of youth being forcefully injected with heavy-duty tranquilizers to make them dysfunctional, and rallies to protest what the federal government has been deliberately doing to prevent asylum seekers from entering the United States did not have as much impact as the pictures that eventually began to appear daily in news reports: kids in cages, youngsters herded onto vehicles to go who knows where, young girls being led in the dark of the night to some New York immigrant holding center, and one of the most dramatic pictures: the scene of the little girl crying as her mother is taken away.

Then came the dramatic reversal with Trump’s executive order to stop breaking up families at the border, which created even more havoc. Parents have no idea where there children are being held. Infants and youngsters still learning to talk cannot explain who they are let alone the names of their parents. Lawyers for imprisoned parents can’t help their clients find their children because there is no public information about what has happened to kids hauled away to detention centers. Some U.S. Senators and Representatives have tried to investigate, but have had little or no success.

Today, June 21, as I was writing this a breaking news alert reported that Melania Trump was visiting a Lutheran Children’s Center in McAllen, Texas. Where is her husband? Why didn’t he accompany the First Lady? He would have been able to throw paper towels, as he did in Puerto Rico, at the 12-17 year olds in the immigrant holding center. But he was too busy blaming Democrats for all the problems he has created.

Meanwhile the little girl crying for her mother appears in the latest Time magazine cover along with a photo of Trump; the photos were combined to create the illustration that includes the words “Welcome to America.”


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