“O say can you see by the dawn’s early light…”


administration american flag country daylight
The flag still waves


“O say can you see by the dawn’s early light…”

O say can you see that we are celebrating Independence Day, a day to celebrate freedom, on this July 4, 2018;

O say can you see that most of us have the freedom to speak out and rally against those in power who would take away our free speech rights;

That we still have the freedom to post or wave political signs even though they may represent radical views or opinions that differ from a neighbor’s or a community’s;

That we have the freedom to worship or not worship as we see fit, while religious zealots would damn to hell those who do not follow their beliefs;

That students have the freedom to attend free public schools (paid for through taxes), even though some local, state, and federal officials steer taxpayer funds toward private schools.

That same-sex couples still have the freedom to cohabit or marry if they so choose even as state and federal governments and homophobic groups discriminate with impunity against lesbian, gay, and bisexual people;

That some of us have the freedom to support immigrants who still try to come to this country illegally to seek asylum (a right under U.S. law) from violence and death even though our federal government imprisons and treats asylum-seekers like animals;

That women are free to end a pregnancy if they so choose while the POTUS and his attorney general plot to destroy that freedom through a decision of SCOTUS Justices;

That we still have the freedom to confront a corrupt head of the Environmental Protection Agency who, with POTUS blessings, is gutting regulations that protect our water and food sources and the disastrous effects of climate change;

That we are not yet under a dictatorship even though the POTUS tweets his admiration for cruel despots and insists on closeting himself later in July with the Russian dictator Putin;

That we have the FREEDOM TO VOTE, even though various politicians try to suppress that freedom.

“O say can you see” …that I am personally grateful for the freedoms that still exist in the United States of America. And hope that the majority of future citizens will stand up for those freedoms.







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