“OMG You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”



black and white animal pony not
These guys and a wagon could have done a better job of moving than a Florida Van Lines

“OMG You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”

That was the comment from a friend when she learned about the frustrating, maddening experience my son Doug and I have had with a moving company Sunrise Van Lines. Pleasant name, right? Well, they should change their name to SunSET and drop out of business.

It all began on April 4, 2018 when I recommended this moving company to Doug as a way to ship his belongings from Port Richey, FL to Mishawaka, IN. I had previously done some searching online because Doug was at his job all day and had no computer to print out estimates etc. So on April 4, I uploaded a Sunrise estimate on my computer and Doug read it over and electronically signed it. Pickup was scheduled for the next month when his job was over. He had no furniture to move so his stuff was a “piggy-back” operation. He packed up box after box of his things which were picked up along with an adult bike on May 26, 2018.

Doug was in Mishawaka two days later after a 1,100 mile trip and assumed that the van line’s shipment would arrive soon after. But a week passed and then another. Phone call after phone call, email after email brought no response from the company. Finally a rep from the company called to say Doug’s shipment was in a Lutz warehouse waiting for a semi-truck to pick up the small load. The rep whined that he needed space in the warehouse and was anxious for the moving van to arrive. (poor baby)

Again weeks passed and there was no sign of a moving van in Mishawaka. More phone calls and emails. Finally word from on high came: AS PER THE CONTRACT, the company had 21 business days—repeat 21 business days (repeat again) to make a delivery. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to count the business days (excluding Memorial Day) on a calendar. And by July 7, 2018 no one driving a truck for Sunrise had appeared. A man with a mule and a wagon could have done a faster and better job.

Then early this morning a nameless driver called to say he was on his way to make a delivery of Doug’s belongings. Good news, right? Nope. As Doug put it:” [the delivery] got here, and it’s a mess. Missing some photos, along with some damaged photos as well. Lots of fun.”

The “fun” part will begin when this company has to pay for claims and loses business.



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