Racism on the Rise?



man person face portrait
Does he look like an angry racist?

Is racism on the rise in the United States?

It’s a question you can easily ask the “google guy” and receive plenty of responses. If you happen to go to Facebook you can read about an incident in which Representative Maxine Waters, a forceful critic of Trump, received a message from a restaurant owner who told Waters to “shut you’re your (sic) big fat lips, no one wants to hear your rasium (sic) remarks…Go back to Africa where youre (sic) from.” Is that racism or what?

Michael Selyem, a prosecutor with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, also attacked Waters in a July 2018 Facebook post (which has been deleted). Selyem, a fervent supporter of Trump, wrote about Waters: “Being a loud-mouthed cunt in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this bitch by now.” Selyem also posted a doctored photo of Michelle Obama holding a sign saying “Trump grabbed my penis.” In his posts, he had declared his support for white males immigrating to the United States and blasted “the terrorist a–holes sneaking in here wanting to kill me an (sic) my family,” according to the San Bernardino Sun. If he isn’t a racist, what else would you call this “lawman.”? (Recently he was placed on leave and is likely to lose his job.)

A July 8, 2018 news story in the Sacramento Bee described an attack and presented a video of a black woman beating up a 92-year old Hispanic man, Rodolfo Rodriguez. On July 4, 2018, the elderly man was taking his daily walk in South Los Angeles. He passed the woman’s little girl and accidentally bumped against her. The woman took offense (to understate her actions). She picked up a piece of concrete and beat the man bloody; she was joined by young men kicking him before any of the neighbors and police could stop them. The poor man was hospitalized. Photos of him were included in the news story and after that the injured man’s picture circulated on social media. The black woman was arrested.  Wouldn’t you call her a racist?

On the first weekend of July 2018, a white man verbally attacked a woman who was wearing a shirt with a Puerto Rican flag printed on it. He screamed at the woman, “If you’re an American citizen, why are you wearing that shit!… you should not be wearing that shirt in America!…you’re not going to change the United States of America—period!” This racist ignoramus did not even know that Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth of the United States. The chief of state is the POTUS—a fellow named Trump. Racism shows up in many different forms.

Since the 2016 presidential election, Americans have become well aware of racist acts—not that these acts are anything new in this country—but they are appalling in what is supposed to be an enlightened U.S. civil society. The so-called POTUS has led an obvious campaign to create hostility toward people of color and non-Christians, beginning with his attacks on Mexicans immigrants, claiming they are rapists and criminals. He demanded “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the United State and ordered bans on people of the Islamic faith, which one judge declared dripped “with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” Trump argued that most immigrants, refugees, and visa holders from primarily Muslim countries were a national security threat. Although circuit courts ruled against the prohibitions, the SCOTUS in June2018 upheld the Muslim ban for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and North Korea.

A report titled Communities on Fire (easily available online) shows that between 2016 and 2017 there was a 45 percent increase in racist violent acts against Muslim, South Asian, Sikh, Hindu, Arab, and Middle Eastern communities in the United States. The report documents specific individuals who have been victims of racist hate crimes.

And there is still the mess of people at the U.S./Mexico border seeking asylum. “We must maintain a Strong Southern Border,” @realDonaldTrump declared. “We cannot allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections. Obama and others had the same pictures, and did nothing about it!”

Racism on the rise? With lying tweeter-tee-dee at the helm, Americans, unfortunately, can expect continued racist acts and hate crimes against people different from Trump’s “ideal” Scandinavian-type citizens. Remember? He said he would welcome Norwegians as opposed to people from “shit-hole” countries inhabited by black people. To repeat the title of one of my blogs: “Monsters Are ‘Governing’ America.”











One thought on “Racism on the Rise?”

  1. We will be screwed for the rest of our natural lives if the supreme court gets Kavanaugh. We don’t have 30-40 years to wait


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