Better Learn Russian At A Faster Pace (Revised Blog: See Last Paragraph)


stolichnay glass bottle on ground
Better learn Russian ways since we seem close to becoming a Russian country!


Better learn Russian at a faster pace and stock up on vodka. You may need both. Trump and his BBF Putin seem ready to turn the United States of America into a Russian province. As most people know, and was just recently verified, it all began with the now indicted twelve Russian military individuals who hacked into Democratic National Committee servers and stole Democrat emails, all of which provided information that helped Trump win the presidential election. In spite of solid evidence to the contrary, Trump declared the hacking was all Obama’s fault. It’s a wonder Trump doesn’t blame Obama for the U.S. Civil War!

Trump and his yo-yo comments are endangering our allies who could be victims of Putin’s plan to mess up European alliances with the United States. Trump is helping to bring that about as he surely did when he sharply criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May; then in a press conference later said May was “doing a terrific job.” This yo-yo type of trumpyism is all too familiar. The so-call POTUS habitually blasts presidents, prime ministers, and other national leaders who Trump and Putin do not like. Then he turns around and talks all lovey-dovey about them. Confused yet? Confusion is what both Trump and Putin are after—messing up our minds so we can’t concentrate on the fact that a foreign enemy is trying to take over the USA.

Trump and Putin are also two-of-a-kind in their nationalism and anti-Muslim rhetoric. On July 12, 2018 Trump declared that the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has done a “very bad job on terrorism” because he allowed immigrants to come into the city—legal immigrants. He declared that “millions and millions” of legal immigrants were destroying British culture. Putin has made the same kind of declarations about Russia, which is a predominately Orthodox Christian nation in which Muslims are not particularly welcome.

With Trump meeting Putin in private and the two sharing a working lunch, then a press conference, one can only hope that in the next few days people worldwide will learn that both of them lied repeatedly. The biggest lie was denying that Russia had anything to do with interfering in the 2016 election. Of course Russia interfered and Russians have been indicted for that crime. Yet those two buddy prevaricators stand there with straight faces and lie to the reporters and people worldwide. And while he was at it, Trump had to find a way to blame Democrats, Clinton, and U.S. Intelligence for attacks on our elections. I need two or three vodkas to swallow that stuff!


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