“All The World’s A Stage”

All the World's a Stage
“All The World’s A Stage”

Rant. Rave. Scowl. Gesticulate. Point a finger. Thumbs up. Hand on heart. Bow the head as if in prayer. Pretend to read seriously. Sign an executive order with a great flourish. Bounce away from his helicopter with his long red tie flapping in the breeze. Where did Trump learn all of these theatrics and play a role as POTUS? Admittedly, he was in show business, although his stage was on TV. Now he has a larger stage—the whole world—and he puts on his acts for an audience of people who love and believe him and those who despise his antics and are disbelievers.

Some of his lovers are getting screwed (and I don’t mean the fornicating kind). Those who thought Trump was the next savior of our economy are learning otherwise. Farmers, manufacturers, and consumers of foods, automobiles, washing machines, and other goods made of steel and aluminum are now wondering why they took in the Trump show and paid no attention to what was going on behind the scenes: tariffs slapped on products from China, Canada, and other parts of the world.

To add insult to injury, Trump plans to give U.S. suffering farmers (many of whom voted for him) a boost with subsidies—that is, welfare payments—funds from taxpayers of course to ease the problem caused by tariffs. But in a quick turnaround, he and the European Trade Commission agreed to hold off on trade wars with Europe. Can’t you just hear the music of the carousel? It’s a circus going on.

The nonbelievers probably have been bamboozled also. Actor Trump pounces around on his stage, makes people think he’s out to destroy the world, then backs off, changes his routine just enough to keep his lovers satisfied and his haters wondering WTF is going on. The script Trump has belted out is well known: “Fake News,” “Witch Hunt,” “Loser,”  and thousands of lies about national and world events that create enough muddle to make even those who see and hear what actually occurs shake their heads in stupefaction.

Is Trump’s play with its supporting actors, a deliberate attempt to keep Americans and people worldwide confused? Will people—even some who know better—decide that the orange-wigged man on stage is sometimes truthful and therefore deserves a place on the world stage? Is Trump really an idiot, as he’s been called on numerous occasions, or is he a cunning actor scheming to make more millions of dollars so he can live forever like royalty?

Or is he like Shakespeare’s fuzzy-minded King Lear, ready to leave the world stage and give the largest share of his kingdom to the daughter (in this case, anyone) who flatters or loves him the most? Shakespeare, where are you when we need you? What’s going to happen on the world stage? At least we know, as Shakespeare put it: “all the men and women [are] merely players.” We all have to exit stage right or stage left sometime.


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