It’s Sizzling HOT!

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It’s Sizzling Hot!

People across the United States and around the world know it! It’s hotter than blue blazes, as some would say. Or as one southern saying goes: It’s “Hotter than a witch’s tit in a brass bra!” Whatever that means.

In the summer of 2018, the temperature has been as high as 111 (°F) in Los Angeles and in the 90s in the far north near the Arctic Circle. Other parts of the world have had record-high temperatures from the high 90s to 126 (°F). The steaming weather has buckled streets, sparked wildfires, and caused heat-related deaths in the United States and other countries. Scientists flatly declare the high temperatures are the result of climate change brought on by human activities such as fossil fuels used for energy and the manufacturing and vehicle emissions that pollute the air.

For thirty years scientists have predicted that we would be experiencing this kind of summer’s heat worldwide. They foresee hotter temperatures in the future, which in turn will lead to a rise in sea levels as glaciers melt, threatening shorelines in states like Florida as well as others worldwide.

Such predictions reminded me of my book The Greenhouse Effect (the once common term for climate change). I wrote that book—full of scientific information—more than 30 years ago! And I was able to report that there were efforts to do something about global warming. Government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and scientists began explaining that the increased burning of fossil fuels contributed to higher and higher levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, trapping more heat and gradually increasing global temperatures. In short, the greenhouse effect. There were also numerous efforts to explain the difference between weather and climate: weather happens over a brief period (fog, humidity, gusty winds, rain) while climate includes weather and seasonal changes averaged over a long term—many decades or more.

In 2006 former Vice President Al Gore attempted to warn Americans about climate change with his award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and he followed up a decade later with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. But those in power—government officials—do little or nothing about the problem of global warming. In fact, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott ordered his staff to squelch any talk about climate change, nobody was allowed to even mention the term. At the White House, Trump called climate change a “hoax.” Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, who has received millions of campaign dollars from the fossil fuel industry, wrote a book titled The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future. EPA chief Scott Pruitt, who was forced to resign on July 5, 2018 due to numerous scandals, encouraged Trump to pull out of the Paris accords, a fundamental international agreement to restrict manufacturing and vehicle emissions that contribute to climate change. If you are interested in other famous and infamous climate change deniers check out this website:

Countering climate deniers are authors of websites, books, and news reports about our future living in a hot Earth. In other words, it’s going to happen, it IS happening. If you can’t take the heat now, it seems to me that it’s a good idea to support politicians who advocate alternate energy sources such as wind power and solar, and learn what an individual can do to reduce carbon dioxide buildup, such as buying energy-efficient appliances, recycling, bicycling instead of driving a vehicle… Admittedly, individual efforts are small compared to the need for gigantic programs worldwide to limit the Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming/Climate Change. One small step forward can at least make you feel as though you are doing SOMETHING to prevent hell on earth.




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