Spinning Like A Top


childhood colorful coloured colourful
The kind of top I used to spin as a kid.

Have you ever had a spinning top as a toy? My metal toy had a handle that had to be pumped up and down to get it to spin and show off its swirl of blue, red, green, and yellow colors. Today, lots of adults buy new gold or colorful tops for entertainment; some can spin for hours, flashing various light patterns.

I started thinking about spinning tops as the news broke yesterday and continued today about the Trump administration’s convicted felons. Then Trump spins the facts around with a kaleidoscope of colorful lies about his former inner circle and of course himself: “I’ve done nothing wrong.” “I give myself an A+ for my job performance.” “If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash, everybody would be poor.” Then it’s “Fake news!” Witch Hunt!” “No collusion with Russia!” he yells whenever anyone questions his leadership and possible obstruction of justice.

My thoughts spin as I try to figure out how the chaotic swirl called government goes on. Trump’s followers and most congressional Republicans do not—dare not—criticize what is happening in the White House. They change the subject. Mouth the talking points. Walk away from reporters. Don’t attend town hall meetings. Ignore constituents’ questions.

On top (no pun intended) of all this, governments worldwide are turning against Trump’s trade policies, his rejection of climate change, his tariffs, and so forth. Leaders abroad also seem to be spinning like tops trying to figure out what is going to happen to the United States. Many countries no longer consider America crucial to their own policies. In fact, they are banding together to oppose Trump.

In spite of all this, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, has “issued more than 100 criminal counts against 32 people and three companies,” linked to Russians meddling in the Trump election campaign, according to the New York Times. Like many Americans, I wonder where the Mueller investigation is going to lead; when will its conclusions be reported; how will the nation react.

Makes me wonder about the future. Somebody—many somebodies—must stop the spinning before our nation goes completely out of control.


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