Friends and Enemies

true friends
True friends stay friends forever.

Anyone on Facebook knows what friends means. The noun has become a verb—to friend someone is to invite a person to become part of your circle because she or he has similar views, tastes, and likes or shares your specific culture/heritage. Many FB users become friends because they espouse the same unfavorable assessments of certain politicians. As the ancient proverb puts it “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

A strange thing about FB is the fact that my relatives have to be “friended” (that verb again) in order to be connected to me. My daughter, sons, in-laws, grandchildren, brothers, nieces, nephews are “friends” on FB. I guess that’s a good tag. Relatives who are friends are much much better connections than relatives who are enemies! But being “friends” on FB says little about the family you love and cherish.

FB also requires friends of long standing to be friended. FB friending of old time friends says nothing about the people you have trusted and treasured for decades. If you have just a few friends like that, consider yourself fortunate.

Because FB has many posts opposing or supporting Trump and his administration, I’ve been curious about his friends. (A rather clumsy segue, I admit.) As some of his inner circle have left in disgust or have been arrested and convicted of crimes, are there people around Trump who are true friends? Those in his administration act friendly, but they may do so to save their jobs or to escape Trump’s wrath, name-calling, and nasty insults that can go on for weeks or months. Republicans in Congress express friendship or at least support for their boss, but they, too, may fear losing their jobs (seats) in Congress or making enemies of their constituents.

Some pundits and observers say Trump has no real friends, like those from school years that you get together with at reunions; like those you bonded with in military school (he never served in the military); like those who were in your wedding party; like those who stayed by your side while ill or disabled. Yet, Trump claims, “I have friends. Many, many friends.”

If he has friends, they appear to be friends in name only: people in business or government with whom he can “make deals” or bully into submission. Trump has had dozens of celebrity friends, but some have turned on him. Joe Scarborough is one example. Others include Oprah Winfrey and Chris Christie.

Maybe his family members are his only friends, although at times his current wife First Lady Melania doesn’t seem all that friendly toward him, if body language is any indication. Of course he can make friends with other women. He likes women as long as they are beautiful and amenable to sexual relations.


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