After that absurd not-even-funny circus this morning, what can anyone who watched the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford vs Justice Brett Kavanaugh say or write? Senators were listening with rapt attention when Dr. Ford talked in her soft, sometimes trembling voice about Brett Kavanaugh attempting to rape her when she was fifteen years old and he was seventeen. Then the Senators, mostly Republican men, turned to Kavanaugh and let him rage away, scowling, sniffling, drinking glass of water after glass of water—as he lied and blamed Democrats and Hillary Clinton (Hillary, for god’s sake???) for the attacks against him. He sounded and acted just like Trump.

A classmate at Yale reported earlier today that Kavanaugh was an excessive drinker while a student. But Kavanaugh claimed he only drank beer and in replies to several Senators’ questions about his drinking only responded “do you like beer, Senator?”

Yet Republicans on the committee will support Kavanaugh. What “fun” it was to see Senator Lindsey Graham snarling like a wild animal as he ranted about the way Democrats were destroying a decent man and his family along with the whole world. And how sad to hear Senator Flake saying he will support Kavanaugh when many believed he would NOT do so. “You are telling all women who have been sexually assaulted they don’t matter!” one woman along with several others yelled at Flake. His response? “Thank you. Thank you. I have to go to a meeting.”

And Flake went to the meeting where the judiciary committee, as expected, approved the nominee Kavanaugh. But Flake surprised many TV viewers and some Senators with a reasonable proposal: he asked that there be a delay of up to a week for a full vote on the Senate floor so that the FBI can investigate all the charges that have arisen. Flake declared if that did not happen, he would vote “NO” when the full Senate convenes to vote to approve or disapprove of Kavanaugh for the High Court. (Along with Flake a few Republican governors, most Democrats, and the American Bar Association have called for an FBI investigation.) Nevertheless, no one—including the Senate—knows what is going to happen over the next few days. We may all be left speechless. Sorry, that’s in error. Politicians are never left speechless or wordless!

One thought on “SPEECHLESS & WORDLESS”

  1. I have to agree, after being sucked in for two days of testimony and deliberations – it’s not right if they don’t at least do an FBI investigation – let alone elect him to the highest court in the land


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