man hug pinnochio photo
Once upon a time…

Once upon a time Geppetto, an Italian watchmaker who had no children, was very lonely. He decided to carve a boy puppet from wood to keep him company. The puppet’s arms and legs could move. Geppetto made clothes for his puppet, as if it were a real boy. “I will call you Pinocchio,” said Geppetto.

No doubt, you remember that fairy tale. In the story, Pinocchio goes to school and also has numerous adventures with the help of some shady companions. However, he has a Blue Fairy around to protect him—except when he lies, which is often. Then the Blue Fairy makes Pinocchio’s nose grow.

Well we have our own Pinocchio in the USA, only he was produced by a fellow named Trump and a bunch of people who believe in fairy tales and like to create their own. This U.S. Pinocchio pretends to be POTUS.  And he has his own world of golden staircases, golden chairs, golden drapes, golden-orange hair…

While he is a version of Pinocchio, he calls himself Donald J. Trump and he splashes the word “Trump” everywhere he can on buildings and golf courses and clothing and businesses. The U.S. Pinocchio declares that he has all the riches in the world and made millions and millions of dollars on his own. But he lies; he has lived his whole life off his father’s riches. Despite his lies, the U.S. Pinnochio’s nose doesn’t grow—only his belly and butt expand.

The U.S. Pinnochio posing as POTUS loves to lie. Fact checkers for the Washington Post and other media keep a running count of his lies: “Trump’s total untruths hit 5,000 on the 601st day of his presidency,” the Post reported on September 13, 2018. He averages anywhere from four to seven lies per day, so obviously to date the total number of falsehoods has multiplied.

The Pinnochio who pretends to be POTUS especially likes to lie about and insult women—the way they look, what they say, how they behave. He also lies about important government stuff like trade agreements, foreign dictators (whom he loves), immigrants (whom he hates), voter frauds, climate change, environmental protection, and countless other things. That’s just who he is, people say. Can’t change him.

Okay, then. Let’s call him who he is: Pinnochio Posing as POTUS.


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