close up photo of pebbles
Trump–as cold as these stones

No compassion. No empathy. No concern (except for himself). That’s stone-cold Trump.

Just one example: On November 25, 2018, the administration’s craven border patrol fired tear gas at youngsters and their mothers and others who hoped to cross from Mexico into the United States to seek asylum, which is allowed under U.S. and International laws. To justify the tear gas, Trump calls the impoverished people who have walked thousands of miles for asylum “stone cold killers.”

Then there are the Trump administration’s concentration camps that imprison teenage immigrants in tents in the hot southwest desert and in other so-called shelters across the United States. These “shelters,” as the U.S. government calls them, have quietly increased, with 12,800 young people imprisoned as of September 2018, according to the New York Times.

The stone-cold Trump is a gutless guy when it comes to condemning the U.S. white nationalists (Nazis) who have become increasingly violent. Remember Trump’s assessment of the torch-carrying members of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year? Groups who came to protest the rally were attacked by the Nazis, one of whom drove a car into a crowd, killing a young woman and injuring nineteen others. Trump’s reaction: Both the Nazis and protestors against them were at fault but there were “very fine people on both sides.” Nazis are “very fine people?!” PULEEZ

Trump is like a huge stone rock when he is asked about climate change. He said recently, “a lot of people like myself — we have very high levels of intelligence, but we’re not necessarily such believersin climate change. He doesn’t believe in science; rather, he says, he believes in what his “gut” tells him. Direct Trump quote: “I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.” (Well he’s got a big gut alright, so who knows what’s inside there!) He simply closes his mind, shuts down, won’t listen, and ignores the assessment of the Fourth National Climate Assessment study, which involved 13 federal agencies and more than 300 leading climate scientists. All of those scientists need to go talk to that “gut.”

Stone-cold Trump also ignores evidence from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trump insists: “I take everything into consideration, and again, he (the Prince) totally denies it, and he denied it to me on three different occasions, on three different calls, and a lot of other people deny it, too.” So of course, with that stone-cold attitude, the killing and dismembering of Khashoggi, an American, does not have priority over the fact that Trump might lose millions of dollars, which the Saudi’s spend at his properties to say nothing about the money to be made in sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

I repeat: No compassion. No empathy. No concern (except for himself). That’s stone-cold Trump.


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