My USA Jigsaw Puzzle


assorted puzzle game

Sometimes I think about a map of the USA as a giant Jigsaw puzzle with people, places, and vistas. But in my fantasy mind, I remove pieces, such as Donald J. Trump’s face, except for one with the huge Pinocchio nose. I envision a puzzle with lots of Midwestern lands and lakes, and a northern border between Canada and the U.S. that my husband and I traveled via Amtrak’s Empire Builder many years ago. So I put a faux train in my puzzle.

photo of railway on mountain near houses

The map puzzle shows the West coast hugging the Pacific Ocean with friendly Hawaii islands a plane ride away and family and friends occupying their particular spaces in California, Oregon, and Washington State. Farther north I see Alaska (not Russia!) with all its delightful ports of call that my husband and I & friends once experienced on an Inside Passage cruise from Seattle and back again. Great ports of call and cruise to Glacier Bay. Makes me wonder how the glaciers are faring this very minute as climate change roars ahead.

Of course there’s the East Coast that includes New York City, which I visited often in my earlier days to meet with editors. But my faux puzzle doesn’t include much of New England, except for Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts. Someone would have to fill in my made-up puzzle pieces for the rest of the Eastern states, which I’ve always wanted to visit.

Then kerplunk! My puzzle plops to the bottom pieces. They show fences, drones, blimps, uniformed security people, towers, partial walls and countless other security surveillance equipment that are supposed to keep out U.S. “enemies”—brown skinned people who Trump says are creating a national emergency and must be stopped. Trump isn’t in the bottom line of my fantasy puzzle. Since I’m making this up, I’d let a trump likeness hang over the edge of the jigsaw puzzle table and fall off!


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