Alliteration aside, those are the adjectives that many people (if they aren’t hypocrites or Trump cultists) are applying to the Liar-in-Chief in the White House. Numerous reports have been issued about Trump’s deceitfulness (nearly 10,000 documented lies and/or misstatements since 2016). But not enough journalists and cable news anchors or Republicans in Congress have underscored Trump’s mental derangement, his blubbering, his incoherence, his inability to make logical sense when ranting off script. Sure, some reporters mention Trump’s mishmash statements, but why don’t people—Americans—say aloud that the guy who is supposed to be leading our country is outright deranged and dangerous.

Trump is dangerous in numerous ways, some of which have been documented in the Mueller report, Vol. II. He’s dangerous when he claims (as he has many times) that there were “very fine people” on both sides at the Unite the Right rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017. Led by white nationalist Richard Spencer, these self-proclaimed neo-Nazis, neo-fascists, neo-confederates, Klansmen, and militia members marched through a park, carrying torches, rifles, and Nazi flags and shouting anti-Semitic slogans. They were protesting the city’s planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

However, the rally brought out counter protestors, who were soon attacked by the white supremacists. One of them, James Alex Fields, deliberately drove a car into a crowd of counter protestors, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more. Fields tried to flee but was caught and arrested. In March 2019, he was in federal court and pleaded guilty to 29 charges, among them murder and hate crimes; he will be sentenced in July 2019.

AND TRUMP SAYS THERE WERE VERY FINE PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CHARLOTTESVILLE RALLY. His “very fine” statement, repeated recently, must feel like justification for hatemongers and neo-Nazis in America.

In fact, I just left the computer to turn on the TV for news and learned that four people in a Poway, California, synagogue have been shot. One person is dead.

Anyone who believes Trump’s words about white supremacists being “fine people,” has to be as deranged, delusional, and as dangerous as that guy in the white house.





Author: Kathlyn Gay

Author of 120 nonfiction books for young adults and adults, including encyclopedias and other reference titles

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