Justice? I neither saw nor heard any sign that justice was served during yesterday’s Senate hearing with William Barr, the so-called U.S. Attorney General. It was depressing to watch the televised proceedings as Barr constantly showed himself to be Trump’s attorney, not an AG for the rest of us. But I kept hoping that Barr would at least be truthful about the Mueller report. After all, he and Mueller are/were supposed to be friends. If I had a friend like Barr, I’d look to replace him with a weasel or at best a snarling dog.

Barr misrepresented and outright lied about the contents of the Mueller report (it can be found and downloaded with a simple “Mueller report” on Google); he made sarcastic remarks about Mueller’s late March letter, calling it “snitty.” That’s the way AGs talk??? In addition, Barr said he had not read any of the evidence backing up what was in the report—that evidence is clearly available in all the footnotes supplied. Mueller declared that Barr’s four-page memo describing the report’s investigatory conclusions did not “fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of his team’s work. You can read the letter at https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/01/politics/mueller-letter-to-barr/index.html.

brown and white roster on concrete surface
Barr depicted as a chicken

Since Barr did not show up at the House hearing this morning, he was replaced by a ceramic chicken placed in his empty chair and a bucket of KC chicken. For the sake of justice, I can only hope that the committee will use their legitimate oversight responsibility to find a way to get the full Mueller report so they can determine exactly what Mueller reported and then underscore the many times that Barr lied.

There was no justice yesterday and certainly not this morning.

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