Melania Trump’s recent first-year celebration of her campaign for children is a big mystery to a lot of people. She claims to be advocating for children’s “social, emotional, and physical health” and their “wellbeing.” She has said early in her campaign, “I will make every effort to be best at championing the many successful well-being programs in existence today.”

Sounds great, but what does “wellbeing” mean and what are well-being programs? What does she do to bring about “Be Best” (a phrase that hangs in the air with no place to land)? It’s like the old writing maxim: Who. What. When. Where. Who is the best at what? When is someone the best that she or he can be? Where do children display their best behavior/skills/knowledge/civility/etc. etc?  It’s as if kids are supposed to take part in a contest to see who is the best at something or other.

In short, Mrs. Trump’s campaign is embarrassing if not blatantly hypocritical. She should be counseling her husband who has little regard for children’s well-being or anyone else’s for that matter. Donald J. Trump stands aside while his wife talks, his very presence making a mockery of his wife’s words.  He is the guy who ordered the caging of immigrant children whose parents were seeking asylum; he is a known bully, as childish as the schoolyard tormentor; he is a master at lying–more than 10,000 times since taking office; he is a wannabe king who insults, threatens, disparages, and fires people who disagree with him; he is a man who would be indicted for obstruction of justice if he were not in the presidential office, according to at least 700 former federal prosecutors who have signed a letter asserting Trump’s criminal behavior.

So, Melania Trump, how do you explain “Be Best” to your husband? Lots of people would like an answer—a truthful answer.


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