I don’t know how other Democrats feel about having to choose who would be the best candidate to oust Trump, but I for one think there are far too many competitors seeking to be the 2020 presidential nominee of the Democrat Party. Last count, there’s a former VP of the United States, seven U.S. Senators, half a dozen U.S. Representatives, several Governors, three Mayors, and even an author and a tech executive. These last two seem quite out of place with NO experience in governing. I mean, they can talk and write about all kinds of good things that should happen to our federal government and country, but it takes more than nice words to go after the twitter-crazy Trump and his mishmash of lie after lie, plus outright obstruction of justice—no matter what he says to the contrary!

As a former Midwesterner, the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio turns me off. What does he know about the needs of small towns and life in small cities like Zion, Illinois; Barrington, Illinois; Mishawaka, Indiana; Elkhart, Indiana; Ventura, California; New Port Richey, Florida—all places I have lived? (All are likely to be Trump country.)

I’m especially concerned about drowning out the female candidates’ voices. I mean that literally. Sixteen (seventeen, if you count the tech exec) male competitors to five females (six if you count the author). Then, unfortunately, there is the fact that in competitive speeches or even in every-day conversations, “women are regularly interrupted, talked over, misheard or misperceived when they speak, research indicates….The reasons for these disruptions are varied, and include pitch and other vocal characteristics, word choice, and inherent social and cultural biases.”

Women’s voices are naturally higher in pitch than men’s and the lower male pitch often is characterized by many listeners as authoritative. A major political exception, in my view, is Senator Bernie Sanders whose voice has a screeching quality at times, especially when he begins ranting and waving his arms and his grey mane flies all over his head.

Apparently, Senators Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar are well aware of that kind of bias against women’s voices; they express themselves in low, calm, authoritative tones, as for example Hariss’ prosecutorial questions for U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s testimony before Congress. Her voice was quietly steely, and she managed to fluster Barr, who has shown himself to be Trump’s attorney rather than the U.S. AG. I wish I could say the same for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her intelligent reasoning and smart policies get lost, in my humble opinion, because she is so intense in her deliveries that she appears phony. As for the other women in the race for the Dem nomination—Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Tulsi Gabbard—they show little ability to take on a misogynist and bully like Trump.

And that’s the bottom line: the nominee HAS TO DEFEAT TRUMP and all those sycophants in his administration.

Author: Kathlyn Gay

Author of 120 nonfiction books for young adults and adults, including encyclopedias and other reference titles

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