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“I am an extremely stable genius,” Trump has claimed several times while speaking to reporters or in his tweets. But he lies as usual. First, he’s not “stable” and second he is NO “genius.”

Stable by dictionary definition is an adjective meaning “sane and sensible; not easily upset or disturbed.” Trump’s press conferences whether planned or unscheduled are anything but “sane and sensible” as he rants, gestures madly, swinging his arms back-and-form; screeches “fake news” when he hears reports he doesn’t like; and often brandishes the OK (thumb and forefinger circled) sign with three fingers raised, which has been associated with white supremacists. (If you don’t believe me google it or go to the Southern Poverty Law center at https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2018/09/18/ok-sign-white-power-symbol-or-just-right-wing-troll).

A genius is an “exceptional intellectual.” Trump himself has made clear he doesn’t read, he doesn’t listen to aide’s advice, he doesn’t study, and he has repeatedly lied about being first in his class at Wharton, the prestigious business school. Salon.com reported:

Trump did not go to Wharton’s prestigious MBA program. Rather, he received an undergraduate degree offered by Wharton to University of Pennsylvania students. And Trump didn’t attend Wharton for a full four years. Instead, he transferred there after spending his first two undergraduate years at Fordham, the Jesuit University in the Bronx.

And Forbes magazine reported:

Trump has repeatedly claimed (and allowed media outlets to report on his behalf) that he graduated ‘first in his class’ from the Wharton School at Penn. In fact, he wasn’t even close.

In addition a Forbes article in February 2019, explained that Michael Cohen in testimony before Congress

revealed that, under the direction of President Trump, he had sent letters to Trump’s high schools, colleges and the College Board (creator of the SAT), threatening them with legal action and jail time if they ever released Trump’s academic records. Cohen provided a record of one such letter sent to the president of Fordham University, which Trump attended for two years before transferring to complete his undergraduate degree at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Trump’s high school has confirmed receiving an identical letter.

So the “extremely stable genius” lies and lies some more in order to cover up the obvious fact that he’s unstable and a low-intelligence guy, adjectives he likes to apply to people he hates or fears.

Author: Kathlyn Gay

Author of 120 nonfiction books for young adults and adults, including encyclopedias and other reference titles

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