The anointed one?

On June 30, 2019, Ivanka Trump, her father’s UNELECTED assistant/advisor and wife of Jared Kushner, the UNELECTED senior adviser to Donald Trump, stepped across the border onto North Korean soil during Trump’s meeting with brutal dictator Kim. Why was Ivanka there? A stand in for a diplomat? Where was the so-called first lady? Why wasn’t she there?

“The moment encapsulated the unusually prominent role Ivanka Trump has played during Trump’s trip to Asia: a first daughter assuming the spotlight and duty beyond that of a senior aide on the world stage, the latest in her ongoing efforts to style herself as a diplomat.” So CNN reported.

At the G-20 summit (June 28-29, 2019), Ivanka Trump inserted herself in talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and International Monetary. “Macron and May suggested irritation at finding herself standing alongside the daughter of the U.S. president — rather than the president himself.” reported the Washington Post. What was Ivanka doing at the summit? Was she a substitute for the first lady? Where was Melania?

Is Ivanka planning a political career? “‘If she ever wanted to run for president,’” Donald Trump said in an interview with The Atlantic earlier this year, “‘I think she’d be very, very hard to beat.’” Does the first lady, if she can be found, agree? What is Melania’s opinion? Where is she?

In March 2019, Ivanka Trump was a star guest at an invitation-only Gridiron Dinner, “with roots in the late 1800s, that pairs the Washington bureau chiefs of the most prominent US news outlets with powerful politicians and White House officials,” wrote Heather Timmons of Quartz. Why was Ivanka there? Is she a “powerful politician”? And where was Melania?

On a four-day journey to Africa in April 2019 to promote women’s economic empowerment, Ivanka spoke at an interview about her African sojourn, and she “made clear she relished the work she was doing. She said her father recently asked her if she was interested in the job of World Bank chief but that she decided she was happy with her current role in the administration. She worked on the selection process for the new head of the 189-nation World Bank, U.S. Treasury official David Malpass, and said he would do an “incredible job.” AP journalist Catherine Lucey reported. Where was the first lady? Why wasn’t she along on that trip?

Then there’s this quote from Elania Plott in The Atlantic:

You could tell by his eyes, the way they popped and gleamed and fixed on someone behind me. Only one person gets that kind of look from Donald Trump. “Oh!” the president said. “Ivanka!”

Is Ivanka some kind of anointed angel, some kind of stand-in for the first lady? Why is this privileged brat in the White House anyway? And who is paying for her trips and the secret service protecting her and her husband? At least we know the answer to that last question. We as taxpayers are paying for this charade.

Author: Kathlyn Gay

Author of 120 nonfiction books for young adults and adults, including encyclopedias and other reference titles

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